Welcome to Arvada Covenant!

Picture of front of church Arvada Covenant Church is a diverse family of believers that welcomes people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and economic status. We warmly receive people from all stages in their walk with our Lord Jesus Christ, and seek to emphasize His grace and love in our lives. Whether you are just awakening to the realization of our Lord or have enjoyed a personal relationship with Him for years, we welcome you at Arvada Covenant Church.

We believe in the centrality of the Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, as the authoritative Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct. We believe it is essential to the life of the Church that it be a company of people who want, above all else, that their lives be shaped by the powerful and living Word of God. The alternative is clear. Not to be shaped by the Word is to be shaped by the world.

Regardless of your age you'll find numerous activities to participate in at Arvada Covenant. Whether you desire to interface with people your own age, with people who share your interests and hobbies, or with people who share your passion for small-group Bible study and education, you'll find it at Arvada Covenant. We also have numerous support groups for people who share common needs and can benefit from group interaction.

We offer structured programs for all ages beginning with our Children's ministry and evolving into Youth ministry (Mid High and Sr. High programs), Adult ministry and our Senior's ministry.

Our Music and Arts ministry supports various worship formats and provides professional-quality drama and musical productions throughout the year. We also enjoy an active Sports and Recreation ministry that engages believers in all levels of athletics and competition. During the summer you can enjoy weekend camping trips in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, compete in a playful golf tournament or go on a day-hike and enjoy Colorado's warm sunshine and beautiful scenery. During the winter we offer ski and snowboarding trips, organized trips to watch our world-class sports teams and even movie groups. Whatever you seek for you or your family you'll find it at Arvada Covenant.

Please join our church family this coming Sunday and experience for yourself the warm and welcoming environment of Arvada Covenant Church.