"Seasoned Singles" Singles Ministry

Mission statement

"We are comprised of small groups of adult singles who desire to glorify the Lord through prayer, fellowship, potluck meals and fun activities."
It's all about Jesus and being brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are a group of informally "organized", older Christian adult singles (or "IOOCAS" for short) who have a heart to gather periodically to have fun and get to know other Christian singles.
  • Some of us may gather in small groups to visit and enjoy pot luck meals in each other's homes.
  • Some of us may gather in larger groups to enjoy participating in group activities, which are organized by members of the group.
  • "Membership" has no obligation beyond informally choosing to be an active participant in activities that are planned by the group.
  • Those who volunteer to participate in planning the group activities (however that results) usually enjoy their participation in Seasoned Singles and invite their friends.
  • Whether a small group or larger group, if there is no volunteer to organize an activity, there is no activity.
  • Seasoned Singles Adults have no "bells and whistles", discounts or guarantees. We do have a heart to develop and share friendships with others wanting to do the same.
How can you find and join the "Seasoned Singles"?
  • Ask other singles at the church. "Seasoned Singles" is not an exclusive group or a formal ministry. We tend to be busy people in our daily lives, so we may not have thought to ask you.
  • Don't wait to be invited. Come, join us and you will be warmly welcomed.

Questions? Contact Diana Bliss...