Sunday Studies 2014

Common Grounds Sunday Study 2014

Who Will I Trust with My Life?

Sundays, June 1st - July 27th, 10:45 am
Sustad Chapel

When the Israelites moved into the Promised Land, an intense spiritual battle began for the hearts and minds of God's people. Again and again we read about the Israelites' attraction to and worship of Canaanite gods, God's disciplinary response, the people's repentance, and God's merciful forgiveness. We each participate in the same battle for total commitment to God. We may not struggle in identical ways to the Picture1Israelite people, but we do struggle.Ray In Action

By weaving together the Bible's fascinating historical, cultural, religious, and geographical contexts, teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan reveals keen insights into the Scriptures' significance for modern believers.

Date/Class Teacher
June 1st: Innocent Blood Dan Brinkman
June 8th: Innocent Blood John Montoro
June 15th: Who is God? Robbie Robertson
June 22nd: Wages of Sin George Mueller
June 29th: The Lord is My Shepherd Judy Diehl
July 6th: God with Us Christa Koval
July 13th: Build Me a Sanctuary Mark Walker
July 20th: Making Space for God Bill Rehrig
July 27th: Wrap Up / Q. & A. Dan Brinkman

Prayer Team

Every Sunday at 8:00 am
Conference Room

The Prayer Team focuses on prayers for individual needs, the church (local and global), national needs and the world. Come practice prayer with us.

Small Groups