Is God Calling you to Missions?

Check out these recommended links below for short-term or long-term missions.

Covenant World Mission

Are you interested in becoming a missionary for the Evangelical Covenant Church? The Covenant Church commissions, sends and cares for long-term, project and short-term missionaries serving around the world. If you wonder if God is calling you to missionary service or simply want to explore the possibility, please go to our Covenant website External link.

ESL In China

Are you interested in teaching English in China to incoming students and people in a Chinese community? The Oasis Training Center is a two-year professional training school sponsored by the Covenant Church that focuses on preparing adult students for success in a global marketplace.
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Finishers Project

This website provides adults with information regarding opportunities in missions - short-term or as a second career - in the U.S. or abroad. After filling out a questionnaire, they will attempt to match your desires and capabilities with mission organizations needing those types of qualifications.
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World Team

World Team is an interdenominational mission agency with centers in the U.S. as well as Canada and Australia. They work to multiply the churches around the world to those people who have the least amount of access to the gospel. This includes business and community development as well as church planting. They work in 28 countries with 59 different people groups. If you're interested in being a part of this ministry, check them out at this website.
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This is a community of online ministries from Ministry Community. Christian ministries can organize their content including online articles, music, podcasts, Bible studies, devotionals, etc.
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