Short-Term Mission Opportunities

2014 Short Term Trips

    Honduras: - Late April
    Alaska (Alaska Christian College): - Early to mid-summer
    Guatemala: - July 19 - July 26, 2014
    Mexico: - Mid-summer
    Disaster Relief: As Needed
    Alaska (Mountain Village) - Mid-summer

Other Covenant Trips

    Mountain Village, Alaska - Complete

If you feel the Lord drawing you to one of these places, please let us know of your interest by emailing the Missions Outreach Chairman at . We're not necessarily asking for a commitment, only for an indication that you might be willing to participate in a mission team. Additional information can also be obtained at the website

"Treat those who are foreigners like native-born Israelites, and love them as you love yourself. Remember that you were once foreigners living in the land of Egypt."
    -Leviticus 19:34

2014 Short Term Trips


Heart to Honduras Logo
When: April 25 – May 4, 2014
Where: Canchias and our sister church in Los Globos
Approximate Cost: $1,500 (+/- depending on air fares)
Team Size: 6-10
Signup Deadline: February 24, 2014

Requirements: Attend 5 to 6 team meetings. Passport valid at least 6 months after the trip is completed. Spanish speaking would be useful, but is not required.

Honduras Roof Construction Team Trip Description: Since 2001 Arvada Covenant has partnered with Heart To Honduras to assist with the development of churches in small villages. The ministry of HTH is to address the spiritual and material needs of the poor in Honduras, providing Hope, Healing, Housing, Food and Clothing. Our projects this trip will likely include building a 'ministry house' for a poor lady or family and doing a 2-3 day Vacation Bible School with the children. We meet and worship with the people of the village and the Latin-American students at the Canchias Discipleship School. We are also able to learn about Heart To Honduras' various ministries to the poor.

The medical and dental team would visit a number of remote villages to provide care to the poor. Medical assistance is so much needed in Honduras, so please prayerfully consider joining the team. We would also like to have construction people to assist with the building projects and women to help with the Vacation Bible School.

We stay at Canchias which is the location of HTH's School of Discipleship campus. Accommodations are comfortable but rustic, with bunk beds, simple food, lots of stairs and hills, limited or no electricity and cold running water. We eat most meals at the main dining hall on the campus. We will travel about 4 miles (45 minutes) each way to our sister church in Los Globos where we work and get to know the people. At the end of the mission trip, there will be a side trip to enjoy the Honduran coast, beach and a tropical national park.

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More Information: Visit Heart to Honduras website at External link. You can also email Gary Palmer at or call him at 303-931-7750.

Alaska (Alaska Christian College)

Alaska Christian College
When: Mid-summer
Where: Alaska Christian College, Soldotna
Approximate Cost: $1,300 - $1,500
Team Size: 15-20
Requirements: Attend several team meetings.
Prerequisite: 40 hours of experience with a local mission

Trip Description: On this trip you will stay and work at Alaska Christian College which is located in Soldotna, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. The college is located approximately three hours by van from Anchorage. While classes are usually not in session during the summer, there will probably be some students on campus. The teams participate in the various needs of the college campus. This could include cooking, construction, library needs, data entry, landscaping, etc. Specific projects for this year's trip are currently being developed.

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More Information: Email David or Dottie House at


When: July 19 - July 26, 2014
Where: San Cristobal, Totonicapan, and Chuixchimal, Totonicapan, Guatemala
Approximate Cost: Approximately $1,725 Adults, $1,475 Student
Team Size: 8-15
Requirements:Attend several team meetings. Passport valid at least 6 months after the trip is completed. Spanish speaking would be useful, but is not required.

Trip Description: Spend a week working on two Christian schools in the Highlands of Guatemala to make a difference in the lives of children now and for eternity.

Colegio Juan Wesley, began in 1997 with 35 children in 3 Sunday School classrooms. Today there are more than 350 children at a new campus that opened in 2009. A second school building is under construction and will educate an additional 500 students. Eventually 1,500 students will attend at this campus. You will be helping with construction on the second building, interacting with the school children, worshipping with Guatemalan brother and sisters, seeing and experiencing life in this third world county.
In addition, you will work on the other school, Colegio Esmirna. It is located in Chuixchimal; the project began in 2011. The church members have been praying for a school since 1986. The foundation has been poured and the walls are going up. You can help make their dream a reality.

This ministry is run by the entire Loren Anderson family and works under the name Eduguate and is a Vision Partner/Chapter of Worldwide Christian Schools. All ages are welcome.

More Information: Visit the Eduguate website at External link or contact Lori Anderson at 303-877-7490 or e-mail her at

Mexico - Orphanage

When: Mid-summer
Where: Casa Hogar Palabra de Vida Orphanage, Chihuahua, Mexico
Requirements: Attend team meetings. Passport valid at least 6 months after the trip is completed. Spanish speaking would be useful, but is not required.

Casa Hogar Kids Trip Description: The orphanage is located in Chihuahua and is operated by a local church. Approximately 70 kids, ages 4 to 21 live at the orphanage. Depending on the situation at the time, some of the possible team activities could be participating in vacation Bible school, construction projects at the orphanage, sports/outings with the children, assist with the cooking, worship with the children and street evangelism or there is an option to stay one or more nights with the children at the orphanage.

Transportation is either by church van, car or plane. Driving takes about 1 ½ days each way. If you choose to fly, there is a modern airport in Chihuahua, Mexico.
Casa Hogar Kids
We will stay in modern motels in Chihuahua and most meals will be in restaurants.

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More Information: Visit their webpage External link or call Gary Nickerson at (303) 425-0957.

Disaster Relief

Are you willing and able to help people recover from natural disasters? Do you care enough to give of your time and resources to help those who have overwhelming needs that happened without warning? There are individuals at Arvada Covenant that frequently assist with cleanup and other relief from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, the tornados in Windsor, CO or the flooding in Iowa, and other states.

A typical trip is for a week at the disaster site. The "team" is formed on short notice, and provides their own transportation to the work site. Housing (maybe in a church basement) and meals are usually furnished. Work often consists of cleanup of mud and debris in a home of a deserving family, but may include other types of assistance. Many of the projects we work with are organized by Samaritan's Purse but some, like the Windsor projects, are organized by a local church.

If you are interested in participating in future projects like these, let Ken Anderson know and he'll put you in touch with Cathy Wilson who organizes and leads the teams. She can answer your questions and put you on the list to be contacted when a need arises.

If you are interested, email our Missions Outreach Chairman at .

Other Covenant Trips

The following trips are available with the Evangelical Covenant Church. Another source of Covenant trips is in the Vision Trips pamphlet which is developed by Covenant World Mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church and is available in the church office or with the Missions Coordinator of Arvada Covenant Church.

Mountain Village, Alaska

When: Mid Summer - Complete
Where: Mountain Village, a village in the bush of Alaska
Approximate Cost: TBD
Team Size: 1-6
Requirements: Attend several team meetings.
Prerequisite: 40 hours of experience with a local mission

Trip Description: On this trip you travel into the bush of Alaska to Mountain Village which is on the Yukon River in northwest Alaska. The town of Mountain Village has about 800 people and was a former fishing village several years ago. The team will travel in a small plane and stay in the parsonage. The work will be relational and/or construction, depending on the team. The current missionary family will retire this summer, so construction work on the parsonage, which is above the church, will be to remodel it before the new missionaries arrive. The building also has to be leveled.

Mountain Village is the Alaskan village that was assigned to the Midwest Conference by Covenant headquarters in Chicago. The trip team may consist of people from other churches within the Midwest Conference, which includes Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Colorado. This trip will be coordinated and planned through groups associated with the Covenant.

Click Here to see a video on Mountain Village.

More Information: Call David House at (303) 421-0606 or e-mail him at Gary Carlson of Clyde Kansas is the trip coordinator for the Midwest Conference. For additional information, you can e-mail him at