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March 1, 2015: The Christian Life Weekend, Living the Love
Message Title: Re-Humanization

Judy Peterson, Campus Pastor, North Park University

The world can be incredibly dehumanizing; from the automated answering system to the honk from behind when a light just turned green, from the life of a child in a refugee camp to the a statistics that predict incarceration as more likely than graduation. The world is hard on humans and it has been from the beginning. Let's join Jesus in bringing God's kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.

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March 8, 2015: Arrested Development

Pastor John • Luke 23:24

Jesus’ ability to ask His father to forgive the people who were nailing him to the cross is profound, but it is also deeply insightful. It not only revealed His incredibly gracious heart, but it also set a pattern of the role of forgiveness. People who are victims of trauma or abuse often get stuck, or fixate, at that state of emotional development. The ability to get ‘unstuck’ and move forward in life presumes the ability to face the pain and forgive the perpetrator. That is why we often say that forgiveness is as much for the victim as it is for the violator.

March 15, 2015: . . . As We Forgive Others

Kurt Gewinner • Matthew 6:12

Jesus seems to link our forgiveness with the willingness to forgive others. But rather than making forgiveness seem conditional, Jesus targets the real change that happens in our hearts when the reality of forgiveness truly sinks in.

March 22, 2015: Not So Sweet Revenge

Pastor John • Romans 12:14-21

The desire to get back at those who hurt us is primal, powerful, and instinctive. Yet whenever we succumb to the voice of retaliation, the results are only further pain, cycles of violence, and unsatisfying closure. Don't repay evil with evil, rather repay evil with good. Forgive, as you have been forgiven.

March 29, 2015: Our Own Worst Enemy
Palm Sunday
Pastor John • Acts 1:15-19

What happens when we can't forgive ourselves? Both Peter and Judas failed miserably and were guilty of a horrible sin when they betrayed Jesus, but one of them found their way into the future, while the other did not. What was the difference? One found the ability to forgive himself even as Jesus had forgiven him, and the other did not. So often in this life, the biggest challenge isn't believing that God forgives us, but in the willingness to forgive ourselves.