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September 21, 2014: Sacred/Secular
Pastor John • Zechariah 14:20-21

Many of us carry the idea that certain things and places are holy, while other items and locales are not. But Zechariah spoke of a day that was as yet future for him when even the most common of items (cooking pots and the bells of horses) would become as holy as the garb of the high priest. That day arrived with the coming of the Messiah, which means that now the table in your dining room is as holy as the communion table in the sanctuary; that the music children sing in Sunday School is as much "sacred music" as St. Matthew's Passion; that the dining hall at Denver Recue Mission is a sacred as the sanctuary of Arvada Covenant Church. ALL these things now become instruments of service to the King of Kings, and the sacred/secular distinction we tend to assume no longer holds.

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