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October 26, 2014: Good Question: "Do You Love Me?"
Kurt Gewinner, Co-Director of Student Ministry • John 21

Jesus put this question to Peter after His resurrection, shortly before His return to the Father. Peter was probably feeling like a failure, having denied his Lord three times during Jesus’ trial. Jesus repeats his question to Peter three times, as if to say “as many times as you denied me, so now I am giving you the opportunity to reaffirm your love for me.” This was essential to Peter’s restoration, and his prep for leadership in the early church. But it is also a key question for all of us – do we truly love Jesus, and are we willing to make Him Lord above all else in our life?

November 2, 2014: Good Question: "Are You Faithful With the Small Stuff?"
Pastor John • Luke 16

An amazing percentage of people indicted for embezzling funds often got started by misappropriating very small amounts from their company. The way they handled small amounts eventually informed how they handled larger sums. In the same way, Jesus says, healthy stewardship is something we grow into over time. As we learn how to manage the smaller things of life, we are then prepared to handle the more significant resources in our world. This involves all of our assets, including time, talents, and energy, as well as the financial resources entrusted to us.

November 9, 2014: Good Question: "Where Do You Look for Affirmation?"
Joel Adams, Co-Director of Student Ministry • John 5

We humans put an AMAZING amount of emphasis on the approval of and affirmation of those around us, and our goals and values are often shaped far more by our peers than by God. What would our lives look like if it was the affirmation of our Heavenly Father that guided our priorities and objectives in this life? The religious leaders of Jesus' day missed recognizing the Son of God because they were so focused on the accolades of their peers in leadership.

November 16, 2014: Good Question: "Who Am I to Judge?"
Pastor John • 1 Corinthians 5

While Paul is very concerned for the welfare of the church in Corinth in light of a scandal that has gone unaddressed, he wants his audience to understand that he is speaking about an issue internal to the church. When it comes to the world at large, Paul asks, “Who am I to judge?” In other words, why would we expect people to behave like Christians before they are Christians? One of the biggest turn-offs in the world around us is the imposition of a moral standard on people who haven’t even subscribed. While we can make evaluations of good vs counterproductive behavior, the posture of judgment upon others in the world at large belongs to God alone.

November 23, 2014: Good Question: "Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do?"
Pastor John • Romans 7

Everyone, no matter their worldview or religious orientation, knows the frustration of failing to live up to their own standards. One need not be a follower of Christ to know that we all miss the mark on a number of fronts - whether it be the way we treat others, or in the charity we would love to express, or in the mastery of our own appetites. If sin is indeed “missing the mark” as the term would imply, then we all relate to Paul’s words of frustration - “who will deliver me from this body of death?”