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January 25, 2015: 50/50 Congo Initiative
Donn Engebretson, Fred Kasongo, Dr. Eric Gunnoe • Time Length • 39:10
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January 18, 2015: The GOOD Stuff - Live Outside Difference
Pastor Nate • Time Length • 31:23
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January 11, 2015: The GOOD Stuff - Live Valuing People
Stacee Eggers (Children's Ministry Director) • Time Length • 36:58
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January 4, 2015: The GOOD Stuff - Live on Mission
Pastor John • Time Length • 25:36
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December 28, 2014: A Woman, A Child, and A Dragon - Satan Strikes Out
Pastor John • Time Length • 28:18
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In a very real sense, Revelation 12 is the Christmas story told from heaven's perspective: it is nothing short of a declaration of war. It tells of the birth of the rightful King; it tells of a great war in heaven; and it tells of the attempt of the dragon to destroy the offspring of the woman. Even though Satan has lost the war, he continues to harass God's people:

  • First, by trying to deceive us
  • Second, by doing his best to accuse us
  • Third, by doing his best to trip us up and tempt us

  • Satan knows he has lost the war, but he'll do as much damage as possible until he is forced to give up. In the meantime, we need to respect his craftiness, but live into the victory we know is ours in Christ.

    December 21, 2014: Welcome Home: A New Creation
    Pastor John • Time Length • 28:43
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    Introduction - the joy of babies and our new grandson, how they embody new creations The Babe in the Manger heralds the beginning of a new creation.

    Section One - the new creation on a grand scale - Revelation 21:1-4 - the new heavens and the new earth. God loves his creation and plans to redeem it, not destroy it. Even the idea of the Rapture is a celebration of the King's return to His creation

    Section Two - the new creation on a personal scale - 2 Corinthians 5:16-17
    Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. They are not only get a fresh start, they are being made into a new person.
    Having redeemed your past mistakes and failures, He sets on a new road with fresh hope.
    Through His Holy Spirit He is changing you - sometimes in ways you can only see in hindsight.

    December 14, 2014: Welcome Home: A Messy Family
    Pastor John • Time Length • 24:18
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    In many respects, Jesus was born into a messy family situation - a poor unwed teenager for a mother, and an older adoptive father who disappears from the scene sometime after Jesus is 12. Likewise, none of us comes from a completely normal home - whatever “normal” is. We all have relatives who drive us crazy, who make made choices, and who have a knack for diminishing the joy of holiday gatherings. This is true both of our biological family as well as our church family. That is why we so desperately need the work of the Holy, and the gift of mutual grace, to transform those potentially tense and awkward gatherings into a time of hope and celebration.

    December 7, 2014: Welcome Home: A Waiting Father
    Pastor Nate • Time Length • 29:28
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    The Parable of the Prodigal Son is the most famous “welcome home” story in the Bible, if not the world. If ever there was a person who deserved to be “locked out” permanently, it was this son. Yet in spite all that transpired, the Father was still waiting for his beloved child to return.

    November 30, 2014: Welcome Home: A Place to Belong
    Pastor John • Time Length • 29:46
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    How ironic that the child Who was born in a stable, and Who later said that He had no place to lay His head, came to provide a home in His Kingdom for all who would receive Him. Everyone needs a home, a place where they know they will always be welcomed. Jesus provided that sense of belonging to all sorts of people, including those who otherwise would have been outcasts, not the least of which were Simon the leper and an unknown woman who anointed Jesus' feet. We want ACC to be a place where people can find a home and a sense of belonging, even as they are on their way to faith, trust, and repentance in Jesus Christ.

    November 23, 2014: Good Question: "Why Do I Do What I Don't Want to Do?"
    Pastor John • Time Length • 23:36
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    Everyone, no matter their worldview or religious orientation, knows the frustration of failing to live up to their own standards. One need not be a follower of Christ to know that we all miss the mark on a number of fronts - whether it be the way we treat others, or in the charity we would love to express, or in the mastery of our own appetites. If sin is indeed “missing the mark” as the term would imply, then we all relate to Paul’s words of frustration - “who will deliver me from this body of death?”

    November 16, 2014: Good Question: "Who Am I to Judge?"
    Pastor John • Time Length • 27:11
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    While Paul is very concerned for the welfare of the church in Corinth in light of a scandal that has gone unaddressed, he wants his audience to understand that he is speaking about an issue internal to the church. When it comes to the world at large, Paul asks, “Who am I to judge?” In other words, why would we expect people to behave like Christians before they are Christians? One of the biggest turn-offs in the world around us is the imposition of a moral standard on people who haven’t even subscribed. While we can make evaluations of good vs counterproductive behavior, the posture of judgment upon others in the world at large belongs to God alone.

    November 9, 2014: Good Question: "Where Do You Look for Affirmation?"
    Joel Adams, Co-Director of Student Ministry • Time Length • 30:10
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    We humans put an AMAZING amount of emphasis on the approval of and affirmation of those around us, and our goals and values are often shaped far more by our peers than by God. What would our lives look like if it was the affirmation of our Heavenly Father that guided our priorities and objectives in this life? The religious leaders of Jesus' day missed recognizing the Son of God because they were so focused on the accolades of their peers in leadership.

    November 2, 2014: Good Question: "Are You Faithful With the Small Stuff?"
    Pastor John • Time Length • 26:19
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    An amazing percentage of people indicted for embezzling funds often got started by misappropriating very small amounts from their company. The way they handled small amounts eventually informed how they handled larger sums. In the same way, Jesus says, healthy stewardship is something we grow into over time. As we learn how to manage the smaller things of life, we are then prepared to handle the more significant resources in our world. This involves all of our assets, including time, talents, and energy, as well as the financial resources entrusted to us.

    October 26, 2014: Good Question: "Do You Love Me?"
    Kurt Gewinner, Co-Director of Student Ministry • Time Length • 25:02
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    Jesus put this question to Peter after His resurrection, shortly before His return to the Father. Peter was probably feeling like a failure, having denied his Lord three times during Jesus’ trial. Jesus repeats his question to Peter three times, as if to say “as many times as you denied me, so now I am giving you the opportunity to reaffirm your love for me.” This was essential to Peter’s restoration, and his prep for leadership in the early church. But it is also a key question for all of us - do we truly love Jesus, and are we willing to make Him Lord above all else in our life?

    October 19, 2014: Good Question: "What Can You Add By Worry?"
    Pastor John • Time Length • 23:57
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    Whatever your stage of life, economic status, family standing, or job responsibilities - worry will inevitably nip at your heels at least occasionally. It is almost as though we are hardwired as humans to worry about things. But Jesus reminds that much of our worry is simply misspent energy that evaporates into the ionosphere. So what are the steps we can take to better direct the limited emotional reserves of our lives?

    October 12, 2014: Good Question: "Do You Want to Be Well?"
    Pastor John • Time Length • 31:14
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    At first glance, this is a stupid question to ask a man who has been waiting 38 years to get healed. And yet isn't this really the $64 question? There are many people who are unhappy and dissatisfied with their life, yet they keep choosing to cycle through the bad pain of their life rather than push through the good pain that will allow them to get well. People will often opt for the dysfunction of the familiar, rather than step into the uncharted territory that will enable them to heal. As the Great Physician, Jesus knew that people must first truly admit that something is wrong and own their own junk before they will avail themselves of the new life available in the Kingdom of God.

    October 5, 2014: Good Question: "What are You Looking For?"
    Pastor Nate • Time Length • 28:06
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    While Jesus originally asked this question of two of John the Baptist's disciples, it is a question to ask of everyone. Andy Stanley has noted that most people are not on a truth quest, they are on a happiness quest. Jesus doesn't promise to make you happy, but he does promise to make you whole. People are looking for all sorts of things in this life, but at root they are looking to know that they are loved, and how to find the thing that can answer the restlessness in their heart.

    September 28, 2014: Fall Missions Conference: Transforming Missions: Liberating People for Holistic Community Development
    Elizabeth Wourms D. Min., Heart to Honduras • Time Length • 36:34
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    September 21, 2014: Sacred/Secular
    Pastor John • Time Length • 25:27
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    Many of us carry the idea that certain things and places are holy, while other items and locales are not. But Zechariah spoke of a day that was as yet future for him when even the most common of items (cooking pots and the bells of horses) would become as holy as the garb of the high priest. That day arrived with the coming of the Messiah, which means that now the table in your dining room is as holy as the communion table in the sanctuary; that the music children sing in Sunday School is as much "sacred music" as St. Matthew's Passion; that the dining hall at Denver Recue Mission is a sacred as the sanctuary of Arvada Covenant Church. ALL these things now become instruments of service to the King of Kings, and the sacred/secular distinction we tend to assume no longer holds.

    September 14, 2014: Bless Your Neighbor
    Pastor John • Time Length • 26:49
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    Jeremiah gives an interesting word of instruction to the children of Israel while they are in exile in Babylon: "seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile." Why? Because as Babylon prospered, so would the Jews. He told them to put down roots, buy homes, and have a family, even though they were strangers in a strange land. In much the same way, even if we feel like "this world is not my home," we should also pray for God's blessing on Arvada and it's environs. Better yet, we should seek to be a blessing to those around us, and do all we can to help them encounter the hope and grace and love of our Living Lord. If the Jews could pray for Babylon, surely we can pray for America and for our community!

    September 7, 2014: Worship on a Bad Day
    Pastor John • Time Length • 35:56
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    Worship is easy when life is good, but what do we do when life stinks? The beauty of the Psalms is that they give expression to a whole range of emotions, some positive, some negative. Amazingly, our passage today articulates the feelings of utter despair and the desire for revenge - emotions that we often don't associate with worship. But what we learn is that we can come before the Lord even in lament, when life is dark and things have gone horribly awry. In fact, Michael Card has called lament "the lost language of worship."

    August 31, 2014: You are So Welcome!
    Pastor John • Time Length • 24:26
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    When Ezekiel turns his attention to the sin of Sodom, his concern is not what we might expect, for he highlights their lack of hospitality and care for the poor. Many of us are familiar with the classic principles of hospitality in our home, but we sometimes forget that those same values should guide our life in the church. This is especially important as we seek to welcome newcomers and make the stranger feel at home.

    August 24, 2014: ACC's Annual Spiritual Assessment
    Pastor Nate • Time Length • 43:37
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    It is time to ask how our walk with God is going REALLY. Join us as we consider what God would have us do in 2014 and 2015 as we continue to pursue His amazing transformation in our lives.

    August 17, 2014: Alignment: Naked and Unashamed
    Pastor John • Time Length • 27:08
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    Ezekiel graphically reminds God's people that we were found in the muck and mire, naked and alone. All of our attempts to cover our own nakedness, however, always fail; we wind up hiding and playing pretend with one another. David gives us the key to nakedness: confession and repentance. Then we can stand together not in our own covering, but with the promise of Christ's covering.

    August 10, 2014: Alignment: Keep Your Fresh Alive
    Pastor John • Time Length • 25:18
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    There is an old adage that the church is always but one generation away from extinction. I used to think that was a bit of an exaggeration, until I watched the remarkable shift underway in America today. The message of Nahum is a reminder that the pursuit of God can indeed be fleeting, as he was called to preach words of judgment upon Ninevah just decades after Jonah's call to them had met with the positive response of repentance and a turn to God. The natural drift of the human heart is away from God, which means that the work of renewal is never done.

    August 3, 2014: Alignment: Grounded Discipline develops Godly Direction
    Pastor John • Time Length • 29:18
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    God disciplines those He loves and since He loves everyone, everyone undergoes discipline. When we go through suffering and hardship, it could be that God is correcting us because of His great love for us. When this correction is grounded into our lives it can bear good things.

    July 27, 2014: Alignment: Oops!
    Joel and Kurt • Time Length • 22:35
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    Hezekiah was an interesting king. He truly loved the Lord, and in my respects was a good king, and yet he still allowed his pride to get the better of him. When the King of Babylon sent some envoys to visit Hezekiah and pay their respects, Hezekiah thought that would be a great opportunity to show off the royal stash of gold and silver. Little did he realize that it was the motivation that would provide the mighty king of Babylon the idea to raid Jerusalem in pursuit of that wealth.

    July 20, 2014: Alignment: Good Snake, Bad Snake
    Pastor John • Time Length • 25:57
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    The bronze snake that Moses raised in the wilderness was an instrument of deliverance for the children of Israel in a time rebellion and grumbling. Not only had the Israelites kept that snake as a remembrance of God's salvation, but by the time of Hezekiah it had become an idol, and people were offering incense to it in the temple. In much the same way, we have a tendency to identify the instruments of worship and outreach with the Gospel itself, and wind up making sacred something that was simply a tool God used at a given point in time.

    July 13, 2014: Alignment: High and Lifted Up
    Pastor John • Time Length • 27:42
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    Rarely is the incredible holiness of God highlighted the way Isaiah portrays the glory of the Lord in this passage. His encounter with the living Lord leads to the feeling that he is about to come apart at the seams. And the reality of his own sinfulness, and the sinfulness of his compatriots, is as obvious as the lips on his face. Yet God's response to Isaiah is not destruction but forgiveness, and the call to Isaiah to go out and share that redemptive hope with others.

    July 6, 2014: Alignment: The World's Greatest Love Story
    Pastor John • Time Length • 24:14
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    This account of the Prophet's marriage to his unfaithful wife Gomer, seems so extreme and unrealistic that we become skeptical that it could actually have unfolded that way. That he would love her, that he would raise the children of her unfaithfulness, and that he would eventually buy her back from literal slavery. But that is exactly how God loves us.

    June 29, 2014: Gamble's Sunday (Special)
    Time Length • 50:51
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    Theatre for the Thirsty

    June 22, 2014: Alignment: Bad News Bears
    Time Length • 25:58
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    This brief passage is one of the stranger texts from 2 Kings as Elisha sics some bears on some insolent kids. While Elisha's reaction seems a bit extreme, this incident is a reminder of just how important respect for authority is for a society. These were likely young men (not boys), they were more like a gang (42 of them were attacked), and they were likely creating all sorts of problems in the surrounding neighborhoods.

    June 15, 2014: Alignment: Mind Your Business (Father's Day)
    Time Length • 23:49
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    The best decision you can make in the whole area of finances can be summarized in two words: eliminate debt. Debt robs you of freedom, it shrinks your options, and makes you beholden to the lender. The elimination of debt gets you working for you rather than against you, for your family, and blesses your family, your future, and the Kingdom.

    June 8, 2014: Alignment: Wise Up
    Time Length • 24:30
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    Our culture puts a high premium on knowledge, and appropriately so. But even more important than knowledge is learning how to make the right kind of decisions in life. America is full of very bright people who made really stupid choices. Solomon said, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

    June 1, 2014: Alignment: Make a Faithful Plan
    Time Length • 22:34
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    Nine months ago many of us took a Spiritual Health Assessment and set goals for our growth during this year. We need to continue to intentionally and specifically think about how we can grow in our faithfulness to God.

    May 25, 2014: Alignment: God's Faithfulness Rebuilds
    Time Length • 21:24
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    God’s great love for us means we can bring Him the challenges of our lives and trust Him to rebuild. God's love says, "This may hurt but in the end it will be good." Our love can say the same thing.

    May 18, 2014: Alignment: Don't Think for Yourself
    Time Length • 23:09
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    When our faith fails God is enough. He is faithful even when we are not. What are some ways God has pulled you out of the mess of your life and set your feet on firm ground?

    May 11, 2014: Alignment: Investing in Futures
    Time Length • 26:18
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    We all make investments in things, people, and activities that we hope will bring a good return in the future. David did it as he prepared for the Temple. Parents do it when they spend time with their kids. What are you investing in?