Women Ministries

Mission Statement

Connecting women in all stages of life in authentic experiences of friendship, service to others and spiritual growth in Christ.

Our theme for the year is "from Generation 2 Generation"

2012 Women Ministries

Our denominational Women Ministries annual project, u empower, continues the powerful impact of both Advocacy for Victims of Abuse, Mending the Soul, Global Good for Congo and Break the Chains.

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Women Ministries Steering Committee

Women Ministries Chair

    Linda Hagen

Women Ministries Vice-Chair

    Debbie Roth

Hospitality Coordinators

    Merry Whyman
    Tammy Skomasa

Communication/Publicity Coordinator

    Julie Anderson
    Kinsey Ringenberg

Financial Coordinator

    Sherry Nagel

W2W Coordinator

    Krista Metzler

Women Ministries Team

    Cara Anderson
    Carole Cruson
    Karen Heesacker
    Debbie Hardy
    Joan Hitt
    Dottie House
    Glory McDaniel
    Cheryl Meakins
    Sonia Slee
    Heather Swanson
    Cathy Wilson

Questions? Contact Linda Hagen or Debbie Ross....

Email:  lindamhagen@hotmail.com or debbieroth215@hotmail.com